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  • Traffic Advisory - Shoulder Closure on Westbound Glenmore Trail

    Please be advised of the following traffic advisory: Shoulder Closure on Westbound Glenmore Trail Location: Westbound Glenmore Trail at the overpass for 37 Street S.W. Impacts: Closure of the right shoulder along westbound Glenmore Trail T...

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  • Updates on the Elbow River Bridge Crossing

    Alberta Transportation’s Southwest Calgary Ring Road project is underway and includes the construction of a highway bridge crossing over the Elbow River. The crossing is located within the Province’s Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC) that is upst...

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  • TransCanada Highway - Sarcee Trail Interchange Summer Update

    Though construction is still ongoing, Trinity is pleased to announce that the TransCanada Highway (TCH) – Sarcee Trail Interchange project is moving towards completion.   Traffic is now temporarily shifted to the outside ramps until the constructio...

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  • Construction Advisory - Highway 8 Shoulder Closures

    Please be aware of the upcoming work being done on Highway 8 from July 4 to 18: Location: Highway 8, approximately 600 metres east of 69 Street S.W. Impact: Shoulder closures on both sides of the road for approximately 150 metres Reason: Wide...

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  • Update - Strathearn Crescent Dry Pond Expansion and Temporary Closures

    An update on the Christie Park Drainage Improvements that began in April 2017: Work on the dry pond expansion to address local drainage on Strathearn Crescent S.W. will be complete in late June. The pathway will be open soon to the public, however, ...

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  • Construction Advisory - Start of Crushing Operations at North Gravel Site

    KGL Construction AdvisoryMay 30, 2017 Start of Crushing Operations at North Gravel Site Activity and Location: KGL Constructors have moved crushing equipment into place and will be starting crushing at its north gravel site near the intersection ...

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  • Southwest Calgary Ring Road - May 2017 Updates

    April marked the beginning of the first full construction season on the Southwest Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR), and things are moving along quickly! This provincial project is being managed by Alberta Transportation and Mountain View Partners, with de...

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  • Trinity Hills Info Sessions - June 19 and 20

    With construction season underway, you may have seen the work commencing south of the Sarcee Trail/16th Avenue NW overpass, as well as the East Paskapoo Parklands on Medicine Hill. Trinity Hills Development is making progress with their site preparat...

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  • Canada Olympic Park (WinSport) ASP Information Sessions

    Canada Olympic Park (WinSport) – Land Use Redesignation, Concept Plan and Area Structure Plan Amendments Overview In March 2016, WinSport, a not-for-profit organization, submitted an application to establish uses and development standards consi...

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  • Come to the Ward 6 Open House on May 3, 2017!

    Don't miss our biggest event of the year! Drop in and meet the various departments that make up The City of Calgary, from Urban Forestry, Calgary Police Services, Waste & Recycling, Planning, Water Resources, and more. Learn about the services av...

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