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Ward 7 News: Action Plan 2015-2018 Update

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“Calgary:  a great place to make a living; a great place to make a life.”

In November, Council will set Calgary’s direction for the next four year by reviewing the City’s business plan and budget. Action Plan 2015-2018 builds on five priority themes identified by Calgarians: a prosperous city, a city of inspiring neighbourhoods, a city that moves, a healthy and green city, and a well-run city.

While these priorities may seem basic, they are pillars that guide all departments in service delivery and planning for the next generation. Most interesting is the community feedback with each of these pillars and the differences between Wards.  Getting around Calgary was the highest priority for all Calgarians, and while this includes all modes of transportation, Ward 7 residents ranked accessible public transit, and pedestrian and cycling infrastructure higher than other wards.  That’s not surprising considering the 2013 census results show Ward 7 and Ward 8 with the lowest share of single-occupancy-vehicle commuters in Calgary.  Popular alternatives in Ward 7 show growing numbers who carpool (3%), take transit (23%), walk (14%), or cycle (5%) to work.

Ward 7 residents also think globally, choosing affordable housing options and responsible use of energy as important themes. Local festivals and culture rank higher with Ward 7 residents compared to crime prevention, fire protection, and safety education. While safety is important, Ward 7 residents also recognize that cultural activities make communities safer and more vibrant.

When we talk about a growing city, Ward 7 residents put emphasis on local parks, reinvesting in older communities, and development near C-Train stations, all reflective of mature communities undergoing rejuvenation.

Interestingly, Ward 7 residents ranked Calgary’s environment higher than Calgary’s economy, which was the reverse citywide. We recognize that Calgary cannot be prosperous in the long-term without environmental success. With several Ward 7 communities impacted by the 2013 floods, it is also no surprise that flood and watershed management ranked highly.

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This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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