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Ward 7 News: Calgary's Toboganning Regs Explained

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The first sight of snow has most Canadian kids itching to get out their sleds, toboggans or GTs and head for the hills.  In order to improve the safety of these crazy kids, Council passed a bylaw in 2003 to allow the city to designate certain hills as safe for children to use.

The Parks and Pathways Bylaw (20M2003) regulates the use of public open spaces within Calgary that are maintained by The City of Calgary. Under this bylaw, the Director of Parks has the power to designate areas within public parks and open spaces where tobogganing and sliding is allowed.

Eighteen parks and open spaces have been designated as sites appropriate for tobogganing in Calgary. The following criteria have been taken into consideration to designate safer areas for citizens to carry out this activity:

• The safety of the landing site
• The absence of trees
• The grade of the hill
• The proximity away from traffic, off-leash areas, bike paths, and other areas where use conflicts can occur

The City of Calgary Parks inspects these sites on a weekly basis for obstacles and other conditions that might make the sites unsafe. Obstacles such as jumps are removed to provide a safer tobogganing area.

The City recognizes that when done safely, tobogganing has many positive benefits for citizens and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. However, tobogganing can be extremely dangerous if carried out within a hazardous area. For this reason, the Parks and Pathways Bylaw prohibits tobogganing in non-designated areas on City-owned land.

The City prefers to take an education approach to changing unsafe behaviours. While a $100 fine for violating the bylaw may be levied, no fines have been administered since the bylaw’s inception in 2003. A total of 18 inquiries to 311 have been made since 2003.

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