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Ward 7 News: City Introduces Green Cart Program

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Green cart waste reduction graphic

Green cart organics recycling is coming to all Calgary neighbourhoods in 2017. Combined with the new Organics Composting Facility and current blue cart recycling, green cart is part of the City’s strategy to divert 70% of all waste from our landfills by 2025. Actual garbage, the kind that cannot be reduced, reused, recycled, or composted, only makes up 15% of what Calgarians throw away. However, most waste that could be composted goes right into our landfills where it cannot decompose. Calgary does not have the financial, spatial, or environmental capacity to continue throwing so much into our landfills. This video explains why.

The green cart programme was trialed in a variety of Calgary communities, including Brentwood in Ward 7, and the response was excellent. 91% of residents in those communities supported a city-wide programme and 89% were satisfied with the pilot. 75% of those residents had no concerns with having three carts.

Green cart roll-out will include changes to black cart, which will be picked up ever second week. Experiences in Calgary, and in the many other municipalities that started organics recycling, is that reduced frequency of black cart pick up works well and encourages organics recycling. Black cart garbage dropped 42% in Calgary’s pilot communities.

Some Calgarians are already composting in their backyards, including Councillor Farrell, but we are in the extreme minority. Those who do compost now will also be able to compost significantly more in their green cart than in their existing home compost. All food waste, including meats and bones, can go in green carts. Items such as pet waste and tissues, will now be compostable too! Other Calgarians use garburators, though these are not capable of accepting all materials that will now be compostable either. You may also be interested to know that solids sent through a garburator add significant strain on the City’s water treatment process.

Ultimately, the green cart program is an essential tool in reducing the strain on Calgary's landfills, finances, and environment.

You can read more about the green cart programme here.

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