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Ward 7 News: Flood damaged pathways updated

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Pathways along the Bow and Elbow Rivers were heavily impacted by the June 2013 flood. At the height of the flood, 93 km of pathway were closed. Since then, The City of Calgary Parks has been working to repair and reconnect the pathway system. Almost three months after the flood’s peak, the total amount of closed pathways due to flood damage has been reduced to 36 km.

While significant progress has been made in a short period of time, this momentum cannot be sustained. The remaining pathways requiring repair present some long-term challenges.

In some cases, damaged pathways cross land owned by a third party, requiring The City to negotiate an agreement with the landowner to rebuild the path.

In other cases, where land has been washed away and the reconstruction of river banks is necessary, The City must fulfill environmental requirements. The approval of several regulatory bodies must first be obtained to perform work in and around waterways including river banks. Additionally, The City must protect fish habitat from the potential impacts of construction. Accordingly, in-stream work in the Bow and Elbow Rivers can only be performed during two short “fish windows” that occur in April and from July to September.

Parks understands the value that citizens place on our pathways for both recreation and as a commuter link to the downtown core. We are working to minimize inconveniences as much as possible, and have established alternate routes where feasible.

We thank Calgarians for their patience as we work on repairing our pathways. For safety reasons, we ask citizens to obey all closure signs, and to leave signs in place so that all pathway users can identify areas dangerous to enter. Progress on pathway repairs and alternate routes are available on


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