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Ward 7 News: North Calgary Water Servicing Project

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​​The North Calgary Water servicing project is now underway as part of the long-term plan for the water supply system. The project may be of interest to residents of Dalhousie, Brentwood, and Triwood.

The Nose Hill Park portion of the project will be completed in two phases:

Phase 1: Soil Sampling (Mid-February – Early April 2017)

Phase 2: Construction (Summer 2017 – Summer 2018)
drilling machinery

Phase 1 - Soil Sampling
Soil investigations are taking place to confirm route selection for the project. You will see drilling equipment like the unit shown on the right, from mid-February until early April.


The crew will be taking soil samples in Nose Hill Park to gather information that will be used to confirm the route of the water supply line.

Confirmation requires soil testing along the proposed route by means of drilling 21, 15cm (6") bore-holes and determining the soil properties below the surface. The process is known as Geotechnical Drilling.

Phase 2 - Construction
The proposed alignment of pipe traverses Nose Hill Park from the southwest to the northeast. The method of construction would involve the use of tunneling due to the pipe depths proposed.

Construction would cause minor surface disruption in the southwest and northeast corners at the entrance and exit of the proposed tunnel. No other surface work would be required in the park.

Protecting the Environment
To protect the surface environment, drilling will be completed during winter months when the ground is frozen. Rare plant and bird surveys will be conducted prior to drilling. Mitigation measures will be in place to conserve protected species.

If you have questions or concerns please contact 311. You can also visit for more information.

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