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Ward 7 News: Sidewalk local improvements

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Welcome news for homeowners in communities with aging infrastructure!

In March, City Council voted to change the local improvement bylaw, ending the previous 50% cost-sharing policy for sidewalk replacement work. From now on, when The City identifies a portion of sidewalk, curb, or gutter for replacement, adjacent residents will not be charged for the work.

It has long been an area of contention that a homeowner must pay for what is considered normal lifecycle maintenance. Historically, The City shared the cost with adjacent residents who benefited from the renewed infrastructure. Residents had the option to pay an upfront one-time payment or an annual amount that was included in their property tax bill for up to 15 years.  Residents who objected to the local improvement were required to petition their neighbours for a two-thirds majority.

Photo Gallery - Sidewalk Local Improvements

  • Memorial Drive
  • Local improvement 2 after
  • Local improvement 2 before
  • Local improvement 3 after
  • Local improvement 3 before
  • Local improvement 1after
  • Local improvement 1 before

The new policy applies to projects initiated by The City from the 2012 local improvement bylaws onward. The local improvement cost-sharing rules still apply when residents request their own local improvements for concrete repairs and replacement

Rather than requiring a tax increase to pay for this program, Council was able to find funding by allocating $1.4 million from tax room identified during November’s budget discussions. Calgarians can still expect reliable infrastructure to be installed and maintained in their communities, while not having to bear the previously required 50% cost.


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