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Title: December 2018 Newsletter: Holiday Newsletter

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COCShortDescription: Holiday, Snow, Kindness

COCDescription: <p>​Calgary. We are friendly. We are fearless and adventurous. We are hospitable, welcoming and warm. We are entrepreneurial. We solve problems.<br /><br />December can be a delightful time for family gatherings, connecting with friends, and enjoying all that the holiday season brings. For many, however, it is not as enjoyable. Economic challenges, social isolation, and simply trying to get around our winter city can make this a difficult time for less fortunate families, people living alone, or those with high mobility needs. <br /><br />I would like to think that as Calgarians, our generosity toward neighbours defines us as a city. Our friendly, fearless, can-do attitude prompts “acts of kindness” to help all Calgarians thrive during the winter months. While volunteerism is important year-round, this season brings increased demand for food, clothing, and holiday giving. Women’s shelters, programs providing support to families and vulnerable seniors, and food banks are in need of volunteers and donations. It does not necessarily take big acts of kindness to make a difference in someone’s life – small gestures, like shoveling a neighbour’s sidewalk, can have significant impacts. <br /><br />The City needs to play its part too. As an advocate for people who walk, cycle, and have high mobility needs, I secured new funding for more snow clearing on sidewalks and pathways. We will now provide enhanced clearing on high priority wheelchair ramps, 24-hour clearing of all sidewalks adjacent to City property, and an additional 100 kilometers of pathway clearing. To help us do better still, you can help by reporting snow clearing concerns to 311. <br /><br />Working together, Calgarians can make the winter months enjoyable for all. Dale, Romy, Katie, and I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, and hope you find time to personally experience the things that make this season bright. Maybe lace up your skates and head to Prince’s Island Park or Olympic Plaza for a family skate. Whatever your plans, remember it is most important to be kind to yourself and to each other. <br /></p> <div style="margin:0in 0in 8pt"><font face="Calibri"></font> </div>

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December 2018 Newsletter: Holiday Newsletter

December 05, 2018

Holiday, Snow, Kindness

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Title: July 2017 Newsletter: Green Line LRT & Crowchild Updates

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COCShortDescription: For the past several years, Calgarians were engaged extensively on the new Green Line Light Rail Transit (LRT) line and the Crowchild Trail Study.

COCDescription: <p> For the past several years, Calgarians were engaged extensively on the new Green Line Light Rail Transit (LRT) line and the Crowchild Trail Study. Thank you to Ward 7 residents for engaging on these projects and for helping to push for better outcomes.</p> <p> The Green Line LRT will improve the daily lives of Calgarians. It will connect our communities with high-quality rapid transit, spur reinvestment along Centre Street and around station areas, and act as a catalyst for improved community amenities.</p> <p> Earlier this year, Council voted to proceed with Stage One of the Green Line LRT, running from 16 Av N in Crescent Heights/Tuxedo Park to Shepherd in the SE. Stage One includes 20km of track, 14 stations, the Centre City tunnel, a new maintenance facility at Shepherd, and new low-floor trains. It will carry around 65,000 Calgarians on day one (in approximately 2026) and comes in at $4.65 billion.</p> <p> A phased approach allows us to build a solid foundation for continuous expansion, and to ensure we build the Green Line right from the start. We have one of the top performing LRT systems in North America today, and can expect this to continue with the Green Line.</p> <p> The City of Calgary and the Government of Canada have committed $3 billion to the Green Line. Now, with Stage One set, the City can submit a formal funding application to the Government of Alberta. If funding, financing, and years of planning align, we will see the start of Green Line construction in 2020.</p> <p> In May, City Council unanimously approved a new plan for Crowchild Trail. Council praised the work done by City staff and the incredible participation from communities. The plan is in stark contrast to the 2012 Crowchild Trail expansion plan that called for the demolition of dozens of homes and restricted access between communities.</p> <p> Proposed changes include new walking/cycling bridges across Crowchild and to the Bow River Pathway, pathways along Crowchild, safety improvements at conflict points, traffic noise mitigation, and free-flow traffic from Glenmore Trail SW to 12 Mile Coulee Rd NW. Residents along Crowchild now have certainty about whether or not their homes will be impacted.</p> <p> The Crowchild plan, which includes short, medium and long term improvements, is a massive project that comes at significant cost. While the full plan is not funded, funding is approved to rehabilitate and improve the deteriorating Crowchild Trail Bridge over the Bow River. Funding for the full plan will be reviewed against the City’s other priorities such as flood mitigation, affordable housing, and, of course, the Green Line LRT.</p> <p> To sign up for updates on key community and Ward 7 issues, register for our mailing list by completing this <a href="/citycouncil/ward-7/Pages/Ward-7-Stay-Connected.aspx" target="_blank">form</a>. You can also follow us on Twitter at <a href="" target="_blank">@DruhFarrell</a> and on Facebook at <a href="" target="_blank">@DruhFarrellCalgary</a>.   </p>

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July 2017 Newsletter: Green Line LRT & Crowchild Updates

For the past several years, Calgarians were engaged extensively on the new Green Line Light Rail Transit (LRT) line and the Crowchild Trail Study.

Blog: New Crowchild Trail Plan Approved

On May 8th, City Council unanimously approved a new plan for Crowchild Trail. The new design is the result of years of public engagement and engineering work.

Crowchild Trail Study - Phase 6 Reporting and Completion

Calgarians' input and evaluations received ​​in Phase 5: Concept Selection & Recommendations was used to help refine and finalize recommendations for short-, medium-, and long-term changes and upgrades to Crowchild Trail.

Crowchild Trail Study - Phase 5 Public Engagement

The Crowchild Trail Study is nearing the end of its long journey through an extensive public consultation process.

Crowchild Corridor Study - Next Round of Public Engagement

The Crowchild Trail Study Team is ready to move forward with the next round of public engagement.

Crowchild Trail Study – February and March Open Houses

Throughout 2016, The City will continue working with Calgarians to identify short-, medium- and long-term upgrades to the Crowchild Trail corridor

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