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  • Ward 7 News: August Newsletter: Climate Change II

    In 1994, Calgary was one of the first cities in Canada to sign on to the Partners for Climate Protection program. Then, in 2000, The City of Calgary introduced the radical idea of building a wind farm to power the CTrain. We joined nine of the world’...

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  • Ward 7 News: Shouldice Park Inclusive Playground

    Great news for Montgomery! A new inclusive and accessible playground is coming to Shouldice Park in Montgomery Community Association - MCA.This incredible new playground, gifted by Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities, is a big step toward building a mo...

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  • Ward 7 News: July Newsletter: Safer Buildings

    We all deserve to live and work in safe places. Imagine being suddenly evacuated from your home because your building was declared uninhabitable. That was the case last November, when, with as little as fifteen minutes’ notice, over 100 people were e...

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  • Ward 7 News: June Newsletter: Bee-friendly City

    “Bees have so much to offer us if we only listen.” ― Jay Ebben, Painted HivesBees may be tiny, but they play an enormous role in our health and survival. Our world is highly dependent on pollinators—living creatures that transport pollen from plant t...

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  • Ward 7 News: Flood Mitigation Update and Letter to Minister Phillips

    Yesterday, the Government of Alberta announced over $13.5 million of investment in flood mitigation for Calgary. Since 2013, the City has made notable progress on building flood mitigation infrastructure and on creating better emergency response proc...

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  • Ward 7 News: May Newsletter: Climate Change

    Cities around the world are working to tackle climate change. The debate is no longer about the reality of climate change—the science is clear. We are shifting to a community discussion on how to face the challenge together.The Calgary region is part...

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  • Ward 7 News: April Newsletter: Reconciliation

    Since 2014, you may have heard speeches that begin by acknowledging Treaty 7 lands. What does this mean and why is it important? The national Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) prompted the City to respond in light of truth-telling s...

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  • Ward 7 News: Water Leaks

    The City of Calgary released an article highlighting the implications of residential and household water leaks on your utility bill. While toilets and faucets are the most common culprits, any water using device is capable of leaking. Learn how to fi...

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  • Ward 7 News: Sears Contamination - Letter to Minister Phillips

    With Sears' bankruptcy, the company abandoned its commitment to the Hounsfield Heights/Briar Hill Community Association to monitor contamination from the former North Hill petroleum station. The Sears station leaked contaminants not only on-site, but...

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  • Ward 7 News: March Newsletter: Snow and Ice Control

    Timely snow clearing from sidewalks is essential for safety and accessibility. Winter maintenance often leaves Calgarians out in the cold, or, worse still, forces many people indoors. Inconsistent clearing means that many seniors, parents pushing str...

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