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Ward 8 News: 14th and 15th Avenue One Ways

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As the 17th Avenue Re-construction Project gets underway on the very East end of the Avenue, we have to think about how we will be detouring around construction areas. To help both visitors and neighbours in the Beltline, we're changing 14th & 15th Avenues into one-way streets. One of the largest priorities was to be able to maintain continuity and reliability for transit routes while keeping them as close the 17th Avenue as possible. Second to that, I know how important on-street parking is to residents of the Beltline. Having two one-way couplets allows us to save nearly all on-street parking in the neighbourhood with the only exception being new bus stops that will need some space. Having said all this, I know many of your daily routines will see some shifts, so I ask that we all have some patience as these changes take place.

I’ve heard some residents of the Beltline share some concerns that the change to one-way streets will possibly increase traffic and speeds and decrease safety. One of my staff lives on 15th Ave and we've talked quite a bit about how she commutes either by bike, car or foot along the avenue. Some important information to know is that all street parking will remain which acts as a natural form of traffic calming. Secondly, all the existing stop signs along both avenues will remain – the only time they might change is if a detour is being re-routed along a side-street and traffic needs to be mitigated accordingly. Thirdly, traffic detoured to 15th and 14th Avenues from 17th Avenue will only happen in 2-3 block sections (where construction is taking place) and will be re-routed right back onto 17th Avenue. This is important not only for residents of the beltline, but for businesses along the avenue. Lastly, these detours will only take place during the 3-4 months of construction, the remainder of the year, 17th Avenue will operate as usual.

As the road will become marginally wider since it will be only one direction of traffic, we're looking at ways to calm traffic on both 15th and 14th avenues – for example, painted bike lanes are one option we're exploring for 14th and 15th Avenues. There's no doubt that construction is frustrating, but the reality is that the Avenue is badly in need of repairs. The utilities are anywhere between 60-100 years old, and the road itself is about 30 years old. The thought process behind the one-way streets is to alleviate the headache of constantly changing detours and to provide residents and visitors some certainty and consistency about how to get to work and get home. To learn more about the 17th Avenue Reconstruction Project and the associated detours, click here. If you want to chat more or have any other questions, feel free to reach out to my team at or 403-268-2504.

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