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Ward 8 News: West Village, CalgaryNEXT, and what comes next?

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On Monday, Council made several decisions with regards to the CalgaryNEXT proposal and the environmental remediation of the West Village.  The decisions were one step in determining both how the West Village and the CalgaryNEXT proposal might move forward, with many steps still to come.

West Village

In my view, the most important resolution from Council’s meeting was the decision to separate the environmental remediation in the West Village from the CalgaryNEXT proposal.  Regardless of whether the West Village is picked as the location for the CalgaryNEXT project we must move forward with environmental remediation for the area, and I am happy that Council voted to address the contamination issues independently of the Flames proposal. 

I am supportive of Administration’s assertion that the polluter should pay the costs of remediation.  With that said, it is likely that the question of “who pays?” will take many years to resolve, and we cannot ask the neighbourhoods surrounding the West Village to wait for a drawn out process to solve an environmental issue that has been left on their doorsteps.  I will continue to advocate for a timely solution to the environmental contamination.


A report from Administration outlined many of the high-level considerations and costs associated with the CalgaryNEXT proposal in the West Village.  The Flames organization will be given an opportunity to respond to the report, and were also given the option to work with the City and stakeholders to begin exploring the potential for an alternate site on or near the Stampede Grounds. Without shutting the door on the West Village, Council also approved exploring the potential for another location for the CalgaryNEXT proposal in the Stampede/Victoria Park area. 

To be clear, this doesn’t mean that a decision has been made on the location – rather, the City has determined an approximate range of costs that can be attributed to the development of the West Village, as well as those associated with the CalgaryNEXT proposal.  There are more steps to come before any decision is made on a location for the project.

What comes next?

A common question I receive is on the costs associated with the proposal.  My position has consistently been that public money must result in public benefits.  When a decision on location has been made we are likely to see a further breakdown of costs and infrastructure.  Without that breakdown, it’s very difficult to determine public benefit.  Until such a breakdown is presented, I will not be advocating for one location over another.

As the Flames, the City, and other stakeholders continue to examine locations, costs and timelines, I will remain very firm in my belief that regardless of the location, the surrounding neighbourhoods must be at the table. For CalgaryNEXT to be a success – whether in the West Village, Stampede/Victoria Park, or anywhere else – there must be extensive engagement with residents.

Council will continue to evaluate the costs, benefits, locations, and timelines, both for the West Village and the CalgaryNEXT proposal.  Council’s decisions on Monday were just one step in that evaluation.  I will continue to work with the neighbourhoods surrounding the West Village on environmental remediation, and with the neighbourhoods that surround both potential CalgaryNEXT locations as this process moves forward.


This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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