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  • Happy Holidays from Ward 8

    Happy Holidays from Ward 8!   I’ve always loved the holidays. It’s not just because of the family dinners, or the chance to get out to the Rockies to ski or snowboard, or even the gathering of presents under the Christmas tree. It’s because of th...

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  • Securing Sports Ramps in Calgary

    For the past 30 years, Calgary has been the only major municipality in all of North America that banned sports ramps on private property. In the mid 1980’s it seemed like my predecessors on City Council viewed skateboarding as a “fad” and a nuisan...

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  • Opening Thompson Family Park

    Today, we opened one of the city and the Beltline's newest community parks - Thomson Family Park!   Thanks in part to a very generous contribution by the Thomson Family and to the hard work and dedication of the Calgary Parks department, the inn...

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  • Summertime Biking in Ward 8

    Two weeks ago, my team and I decided to hop on our bikes and tour around Ward 8. Strong cycling and pedestrian infrastructure has always been important to me and there's no better way to stay connected to what's working and what needs to be fixed ...

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  • 2016 Census Results

    Last week, Calgary announced the results of the 2016 CivicCensus. I’d like to thank each and every Ward 8 resident who took the time to fill out the census, as it provides valuable information to help make informed decisions about our city. Here’s ...

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  • 2016 Property Tax Breakdown

    This year’s property taxes were mailed out at the beginning of June and since then we have received numerous calls and emails asking why has there been an increase and why it’s so high. I’d like to give you some background information to help under...

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  • Seniors' Week

    Ward 8 is lucky to have so many great seniors' facilities operating in our neighbourhoods. Organizations like the Kirby Centre, the Good Companions 50 Plus Club, Open Door Senior Fellowship, Bow Cliff Seniors and more offer great programming and serv...

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  • A New Community Association for the Beltline

    The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association: A new Community Association for the Beltline   May 25 at 7pm at the Calgary Opera Centre (1315 7 St SW) is the Launch Party and Inaugural AGM for the brand new Beltline Neighbourhoods Association. 22,00...

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  • Neighbourhoods First

    Earlier this month, we published "Neighbourhoods First", a Zine for the Ward 8 community. If you grabbed an issue of Beatroute or recently visited your local coffee shop, I hope you've taken the chance to check it out. We asked some great C...

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  • Change is Brewing in Calgary

    Last Monday, Council unanimously approved changes to the city-wide Brewery, Winery and Distillery bylaw. The new definition and rules allows micro-breweries and alcoholic beverage manufacturers to serve and sell their products where they make them...

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