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Ward 9 News: May 2018

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Hello Ward 9,
I continue to hear from residents across Ward 9 that they want to live in a city where planning and development makes dollars and cents, where local governance is improved, where City Hall is forward-thinking, where we have serious conversations – and there are clear plans -  about how we fund and sustainably finance our city, and where we take control of our future through the City Charter discussions with the Province.
I am proud to tell you that the above 5-point transformation plan outlined in my Great Neighbourhoods platform continues to be delivered. The next couple of months will be very important in continuing this success.
In May, Council will be reviewing Calgary Housing’s 10-year capital development plan. Affordable housing is important to ensure that gentrification doesn’t displace our neighbours and also provides residents of all ages, all wages, and all stages, the ability to continue bringing vibrancy and completeness to our neighbourhoods.
Also in May, my Council colleagues and I will be reviewing our city’s emergency response model and the Rocky View County-City of Calgary Intermunicipal Plan. How and where we grow, plan, and develop have major effects on how we spend tax dollars to meet Calgary’s needs. Immediate ‘wins’ and getting it wrong now will cost us millions and billions in the future. I am focused on making sure we get it right the first time.
In June, the heavy lifting continues as Council discusses the new community growth strategy where we will be reviewing and prioritizing the business cases for new community development and their financial implications. Following that, the city-shaping Green Line will be front and centre as we discuss the implementation plan and Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) strategy that will outline priorities and resource needs for the upcoming budget cycle.
Lastly, City Council will be reviewing the progress of how we are performing against the key performance targets of the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan. These documents guide every aspect of our growth and they influence the cost and revenue of, and to, Calgarians of that growth.
I am dedicated to making sure that City Council’s decisions benefit Calgarians now and in the long term environmentally, socially, and financially. It is important that we hold how we grow and develop to a high standard as that growth can either cost us, or save us, hundreds of millions and billions of dollars.
I will continue to fight that fight, and I hope I can continue to count on your support in that regard going forward.
Gian-Carlo Carra
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This content represents the personal views and opinions of the Ward Councillor and should not be taken as a statement of policy of The City of Calgary. The inclusion of any external content does not imply endorsement by The City of Calgary.

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