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2014 Ward expense reports


The Office of the Councillors
For 2014, each ward is allocated a budget of $177,150.Councillors receive this funding for ward expenses related to salaries of assistants (which are not reported), communications, business expenses, travel, and courses and seminars.  Council policy also requires that business expenses not exceed $14,000 per annum and that travel expenses not exceed $10,000 per annum. Click on the link below to view the expenses of each ward so far in 2014.

*Note: These figures do not include travel of Councillors at the expense of the Office of the Councillors for Council approved travel related to the annual AUMA and FCM conferences, the cost of two Members of Council to attend each of Grey Cup and Quebec Carnival or the travel costs of the Council representatives to the Board of Directors of FCM and AUMA. These are reported separately.

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