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Calgary Police Compensation Disclosure 2015



The Calgary Police Service (CPS) provides compensation information in an effort to balance transparency to citizens with privacy for employees.  Compensation for sworn police officers and civilian employees aligns with the City of Calgary’s compensation philosophy, policies, procedures, and negotiated collective agreements. 


All workforce and salary data is effective 2015 February 24 and is based on the negotiated or approved salary rates as of that date.


The data includes full and part-time positions within the Calgary Police Service (sworn and civilian) that meet the following criteria: 
  • positions filled by an employee with a payroll status of “active,” “leave of absence,” “paid leave of absence” or “suspended;” 
  • full-time and part-time positions with full-time position hours varying between 35 and 40 hours per week; and 
  • temporary and permanent positions.
​Seasonal, on-call and student positions ​Annual salary rates cannot be determined due to inconsistent work patterns.
Employees with employment contracts/agreements ​Where a position title was unique and there was a single rate of pay for the position (no salary range), the position was excluded to maintain the employee’s privacy.
​Within the report, two different types of salary data are presented:
​Salary Range ​The salary range is the full scope of salary for a group of positions.  For example, a Data Entry Clerk salary range is: $39,567 - $71,198

When reporting salary ranges, part-time positions have been described using the minimum and maximum annual salary equal to a full-time position.  Therefore the salary for both a full-time and a part-time Data Entry Clerk would be reported as $39,567 - $71,198 in the salary range tables and charts.
​Actual Salary Rates ​The actual salary rate of employees is the exact dollar amount projected to be earned annually, based on the number of hours worked per week.  Actual salary rates fall within the salary range and employees move through the range based on negotiated increases (union) or performance (exempt).  For example, a full-time Data Entry Clerk at Pay Grade 3, Step 2 would have a reported actual salary of $45,736.

When reporting actual salary rates, part-time positions have been described using the actual projected, annual salary based on the number of hours worked per week.  Therefore, a part-time Data Entry Clerk who works 17.5 hours or 50% of a full-time position would be reported as $22,868 in the actual salary rate tables and charts.


The Calgary Police Service workforce consists of predominantly sworn officers (74%) with an employee total of 2868 as of February 24, 2015.  The vast majority of our positions (98.4%) are considered regular, with the remaining 1.6% being temporary.  Approximately 97.9% of positions are full-time with the remaining 2.1% considered part-time.

CPS by Employee Type


The majority of CPS employees (52.68%) earn $75,001-$100,000 a year.  There are 821 employees (28.63%) who earn over $100,000 annually, including 46 employees (1.60%) who earn over $150,000 per year.  These numbers include actual salary rates of both full and part time positions.


CPS Civilian and Sworn Employees by Actual Salary


Sworn positions are compensated by rank.  The salary range for each rank is negotiated with its respective association (e.g., Calgary Police Association and Senior Officer Association) and documented in the applicable collective agreements.  The compensation for the Chief of Police is negotiated with the Calgary Police Commission and reviewed annually.  The compensation for Deputy Chiefs are negotiated with the Chief of Police and reviewed annually.

​Constable ​$62,816 - $93,766 ​783
​Senior Constable Level I ​$97,406 - $100,339 ​397
​Senior Constable Level II ​$99,237 - $102,211 ​296
​Sergeant I ​$109,242 - $112,528 ​104
Detective I ​$109,242 - $112,528 ​85
​Sergeant II ​$111,072 - $114,400 ​164
​Detective II ​$111,072 - $114,400 ​143
​Staff Sergeant I ​$120,182 - $123,781 ​68
​Staff Sergeant II ​$122,907 - $126,589 ​29
​Police Inspector ​$140,317 - $161,366 ​39
​Superintendent ​$166,213 - $175,885 ​10
​Deputy Chief, Police ​$195,982 - $222,435 ​3
​Chief, Police ​$275,000 - $325,000 ​1
​Grand Total ​ 2122

The majority of CPS sworn officers (58.11%) earn $75,001-$100,000 annually.  There are 678 sworn employees (31.95%) who earn over $100,000 annually, including 38 sworn officers (1.79%) who earn over $150,000 per year.  These numbers include actual salary rates of those in full and part-time positions. 

CPS Sworn Members by Actual Salary

Civilian Positions

The Calgary Police Service employs civilians in a variety of professional, technical, support and leadership roles.  Civilian positions have been grouped according to function.  For example, Receptionist, Administrative Assistant and Legal Assistant have been grouped under ‘Administrative Support.’  Additional information about the groups can be found in the Civilian Position Grouping Detail section.

Reporting Minimum and Maximum Salary Ranges

Within each group, positions within different unions were grouped together if applicable, and the minimum annual salary of the lowest paid position and the maximum of the highest paid position were reported.

At Calgary Police Service, the majority of civilian full-time employees work a standard (35 hours per week).  However, some civilian employees work non-standard hours (40 hours per week) to meet operational requirements.  When positions in a group worked both standard and non-standard hours, the minimum annual salary of the least full-time hours at the lowest salary range and the maximum annual salary of the most full-time hours at the highest salary range are reported.

​Example: Data Entry Clerks ​Salary Range
Standard 35 hours per week  - Pay Grade 3 $39,567 - $52, 926
Standard 35 hours per week – Pay Grade 4 $42,952 - $57,403
Non-standard 40 hours per week - Pay Grade 5 $53,269 - $71,198
Full Salary Range Reported $39,567 - $71,198

CPS Civilian Groups Group Salary   Range # of Active Civilians % of Civilian Positions
Data Entry Clerks $39,567 - $71,198 ​75 10.05%
Public Customer Service $42,952 - $66,339 ​20 2.68%
Administrative Support $42,952 - $75,816 ​116 15.55%
Operational Support $49,631 - $91,603 ​75 10.05%
Financial Services $49,631 - $103,211 ​20 2.68%
Records & Property Management $52,835 - $80,153 ​35 4.69%
Security & Investigative Services $52,835 - $112,424 ​32 4.29%
Criminal, Policy & Program Research $52,835 - $116,157 ​75 10.05%
Education & Training $52,835 - $116,157 ​18 2.41%
Information Technology Services $52,835 - $133,582 ​60 8.04%
Supervisors & Team Leaders $52,835 - $133,582 ​62 8.31%
Equipment & Building Services $54,735 - $89,198 ​30 4.02%
Professional Business Services $56,293 - $116,157 ​64 8.58%
Managers $76,929 - $190,150 ​25 3.35%
Trades $78,250 - $101,525 ​34 4.56%
Legal Counsel $87,217 - $172,164 ​5 0.67%
Grand Total 746 100.00%

The largest percentage of civilian employees (38.47%) earn between $50,001 and $75,000 annually.  There are 143 civilian employees (19.17%) who earn over $100,000 a year including 8 employees (1.07%) who earn over $150,000 a year.  These numbers include actual salary rates of both full and part time positions.

CPS Civilian by Actual Salary

Civilian Position Grouping Detail

Civilian positions were grouped according to job function into categories that are meaningful to the organization and its structure using National Occupational Classification (NOC) as a reference. The NOC examples given are not exhaustive of each category but rather represent typical jobs within that group. 

  • The National Occupations Classification (NOC) is the nationally accepted reference on occupations in Canada. It organizes over 40,000 job titles into 500 occupational group descriptions.  Learn more about the NOC code system at:
  • Data Entry Clerks enter, verify and process vast amounts of information for CPS.  This group includes positions such as NOC 1422. 
  •  Public Customer Service positions at CPS provide valuable services to the general public including police information checks and disclosures, among other services.  This group includes positions such as NOC 6552.
  • Administrative Support positions at CPS provide a variety of administrative functions to individuals and units throughout the Service including reception, administrative, office and legal support.  This group includes positions such as NOC 1411, NOC 1414, NOC 1241 and NOC 1242.
  • Operation Support positions at CPS provide support to sworn officers during active duty and/or throughout investigations.  This group includes positions such as NOC 1422 and NOC 1251.
  • Financial Services positions provide financial expertise in a variety of functions such as payroll, accounting and reporting.  This group includes positions such as NOC 1431, NOC 1432 and NOC 1111.
  • Records & Property Management positions ensure the proper retention, classification and storage of various CPS data sources, evidence and archives.  This group includes positions such as NOC 1253 and NOC 1411.
  • Security & Investigative Services positions provide investigative skills in a number of areas throughout the Service including forensics, firearm support and peace officer functions.  This group includes positions such as NOC 5221, NOC 2211 and NOC 4311.
  • Criminal, Policy & Program Research positions use professional expertise to provide advice on criminal trends, and/or policy and program direction for the Service.  This group includes positions such as NOC 1254 and NOC 4164.
  • Education & Training positions design, deliver and evaluate educational material to police cadets, sworn and civilian employees, as well as external groups on occasion.  This group includes positions such as NOC 4166 and NOC 4216.
  • Information Technology Services positions ensure all employees have reliable and secure IT services across a number of platforms.  This group includes positions such as NOC 2281, NOC 2282 and NOC 2171.
  • Supervisors & Team Leaders include all positions with direct leadership responsibility (e.g., direct reports) across the service but who are not considered managers.  For example, a supervisor position in Finance would be counted in this category, not financial services.  This category includes exempt and union positions with leadership responsibilities.  Positions with titles such as ‘coordinator’ were included in this category if they had direct reports.  As these positions have responsibility for a variety of functions across the Service, many NOC would apply, such as NOC 1211, NOC 1212, NOC 7205 and NOC 6314.
  • Equipment & Building Services positions maintain and repair specialized equipment and provide services related to physical spaces across the Service.  This group includes positions such as NOC 7205, NOC 7535, NOC 6315 and NOC 9241.
  • Professional Business Services positions provide advice and consultation in areas such as human resources, occupational health and safety, communications, audit and disclosure.  This group includes positions such as NOC 1415, NOC 1121 and NOC 1122.
  • Manager positions are responsible for the overall leadership of a work area.  This category includes only exempt positions.  All positions in this category have direct reports, which may include Supervisor or Team Lead positions.  As these positions have responsibility for a variety of functions across the Service, many NOC would apply, such as NOC 0111, NOC 0114, and NOC 0213.
  • Trades positions include only Journeyman level positions at CPS.  This group includes NOC 7271, NOC 7241 and NOC 7321.
  • Legal Counsel provides advice on legal matters related to CPS business.  This category does not include Crown Prosecutors.  This group includes NOC 4112.

The City of Calgary provides a more detailed explanation of benefits and pension for both sworn and civilian employees.  Both sworn and civilian employees receive benefits as outlined in the City of Calgary’s Municipal Employees Benefit Association of Calgary (MEBAC).  However, instead of Local Authorities Pension Plan, sworn officers participate in the Special Forces Pension Plan.  Members of the Calgary Police and Senior Police Associations receive a negotiated wellness benefit. 

For additional compensation information for the Calgary Police Service or the City of Calgary, please refer to the following links:

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