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Gangs - Signs of involvement

Do you suspect that your child or loved one may be part of a gang? Here are six signs a young person may be involved in a gang:

  • They suddenly have large amounts of money, expensive new clothing or material possessions that cannot be explained by known sources of income.
  • They exhibit changes in behaviour and have different friends. These friends may be older and have quite different interests than your child.
  • They show little or no interest in family activities.
  • They begin acting in a paranoid and secretive manner because they are being immersed in a culture of fear.
  • They display a loss of self-identity.
  • They develop an obsessive interest in violent movies or music.

If you know someone involved in a gang, find out more about reporting gang activity.

If you’re worried that you child might be vulnerable to gang influence, find out more about how to prevent your child from getting involved in a gang.

Are you involved in a gang?

Find out more about getting out of a gang. If you would like to have a confidential discussion with a professional who can help, contact our Gang Help Line at 403-206-8191.