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Holiday season safety

Everyone loves the holidays but during this busy season, it's extra important to keep your family and home safe. The following holiday crime prevention tips will help ensure that everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.

Holiday safety at home

  • Don’t display gifts where they can be seen from a window or doorway. Put gifts out of sight before leaving on holidays.
  • Put an automatic timer on interior lights and/or radio to give the illusion of having some one in your house. Have a neighbour or family member watch your house, collect your mail and shovel your walks.
  • Avoid leaving boxes from purchases (electronics, etc) on the street for garbage pick-up. This advertises the contents of your house to thieves.

Holiday shopping safety

  • Shop before dark if possible and always park in a well lit, well traveled area.
  • Lock purchases in the trunk of your vehicle. Keep all vehicle doors locked and windows closed.
  • Be extra careful with wallets and purses. Carry purses close to the body and place wallets in an inside jacket pocket rather than a back pants pocket.

Holiday party safety

  • If you're planning on drinking, eat something first. Food slows absorption of alcohol into the system.
  • Pre-arrange transportation to ensure you have a ride home at the end of the evening. Consider public transportation, a designated driver, alternative driver’s services, or a taxi.