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Monitoring high risk offenders

High risk offenders who are on probation, on conditional release from jail (such as statutory release or parole) or meet the parameters for the courts to impose a peace bond under section 810 of the criminal code will be supervised. Otherwise, they are not monitored.

If you're concerned about a high-risk offender in your area, please see reporting high risk offenders.

How the Calgary Police Service monitors offenders

For offenders supervised by the Calgary Police Service, monitoring may include weekly check-ins, home visits, contact with community supports, assistance in developing community supports, working in conjunction with Probation and Parole, close association with Crown Attorneys, collaboration with other police units and contact with numerous social service agencies. The monitoring plan for each offender is based on their individual needs and the risk factors that must be addressed to manage their risk to the community.

Electronic monitoring of high risk offenders

​If the court orders Electronic Monitoring (EM) on a probation order, recognizance or peace bond, a high-risk offender is fitted with an electronic monitoring device, which may be GPS-enabled or proximity-based. GPS devices show the location of the offender and can be monitored through a computer program. Proximity devices send an alarm to a monitoring centre if the offender goes too far from his residence during the hours he or she is to remain there, but the location cannot be tracked.

The Correctional Service of Canada​ will be implementing an electronic​ monitoring program soon which will also provide for offenders under Statutory Release to have a monitoring device if CSC officials deem it appropriate.