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Police and Community Awareness Program

Suspicious activity watch sign.

The Police & Community Awareness Program (PCAP, formerly known as PACT) is an alert system that provides resident of Calgary and surrounding rural areas with timely information on criminal acts in their area and requests for public assistance (for example, missing children.) It's a proven, effective crime prevention tool employed by the Calgary Police Service that sends phone messages to citizens.

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How PCAP works

PCAP is a notification system. When you sign up, the Calgary Police Service calls your telephone and leaves pre-recorded messages regarding crime trends, missing persons or events in your community. Once, you register, the system automatically calls the telephone number that is provided when you register.

You can register online, and one registration is required for each household. You may also call the registration line at 403-645-2990 and leave your information on the answering machine.

The system works using an automated telephone dialler and will only call telephone numbers within the local calling area. It can call approximately 300 households per minute.

About PCAP

The PCAP system works. In February 2012, a message was sent to 1100 people in the communities of Marlborough and Marlborough Park seeking the public’s help in apprehending culprits responsible for a rash of house break and enters. The message contained information specific to the culprits’ MO (modus operandi) which prompted a resident to call the police with information which in turn lead to an arrest of a suspect.

The PCAP system is funded by Encana Corporation.