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Prostitution Exit Initiative

Want a way out of prostitution? We can help.

Exploitation can take many forms but at its basic level, it’s when someone uses another person to their advantage in order to profit from their actions. The most common form is sexual exploitation. A sex trade worker who is only given money for food, clothes or shelter is not in an equal relationship. It is a parasitic relationship where one person is gaining over the wellbeing of another.

If someone is exploiting you or if you are involved in the sex industry and want a way out, the Calgary Police Service Vice Unit and partner agencies can help. We can provide assistance with:

  • Emergency housing or safe shelter
  • Transportation (plane or bus tickets)
  • Food
  • Cell phones to reach out to loved ones without being tracked by the people exploiting you
  • Any other immediate needs

Financial contribution for these items is provided through a grant by the Department of Justice Canada – Victims Fund.

You are a victim and we, along with our partner agencies, are here to help. Call the Calgary Police Service non-emergency number 403-266-1234 for help with immediate needs. We can get you to a safe place and connect you with our partner agencies. 

Servants Anonymous Society

Servants Anonymous is a non-profit organization which operates 24 hours a day, every day. They provide long-term support for women and girls who have experienced, or are at risk, of sexual exploitation.

Servants Anonymous offers integrated supports that allow women and girls to learn the skills they need to start a new life.  This includes housing, life-skills, employment skills, childcare and long term follow up.

Shift Calgary

Shift Calgary provides support services to adults currently and formerly working in the sex industry to improve their quality of life. They offer workshops, counselling, short and long term support, free supplies, training and re-training, advocacy, legal support and education to those still in as well as those trying to exit the prostitution lifestyle.

ACT Alberta

ACT Alberta provides resources to help front-line workers identify potential trafficking situations and aid victims of human trafficking. The coalition also raises awareness of human trafficking in Alberta.