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Reporting high risk offenders

Have you witnessed a high risk offender committing a crime?


If you witness an a high risk offender​ committing a criminal offence or engaging in illicit activity, please call 9-1-1 or the  non-emergency complaint line at 403-266-1234 immediately.

If remaining at the scene will put you at risk go to a location where you will be safe. Advise the police of your location and they can contact you once the situation has been controlled. Do not approach the offender.


If they were not involved in any negative activity, do nothing. Do not approach or confront the offender.

High risk offenders in your area

The Alberta Solicitor General provides a list of high risk offenders who may be living in your town or city; however, addresses are not disclosed. You should take all reasonable safety precautions to avoid high risk offenders, including monitoring your children, ensuring you know who they are associating with, monitoring their internet activity and advising them to report any activity that they are uncomfortable with, even if they have been told to keep it a secret and/or it is someone that is known to them​.