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Diversity education

The Calgary Police Service is a leader in fostering awareness and understanding, both within the Police Service and between the Service and Calgary’s diverse communities. We are instrumental in preserving the quality of life in our community by maintaining Calgary as a secure place in which to live.

We strive to improve awareness and understanding, both within the Police Service and between the Service and Calgary’s diverse communities. By building bridges of respect with Calgary’s diverse communities, we ultimately improve the quality of life for citizens through social development.

The Diversity Education Coordinator is dedicated to the education of Police Service recruits, community groups and citizens.

Diversity Education programs

Diversity Education is provided upon request to any community organization, group or protective service. This is a three-to-four-hour presentation that consists of an overview of the Diversity Resources Team and the resources available for the community. Personal biases and stereotyping are examined in order to recognize the impact they can have on the work that we do.

You and the Law

You and the Law is a Calgary Police Service 90-minute workshop aimed at helping new immigrants learn about the Canadian legal system, how police here operate and the rights they enjoy as residents of Canada. The workshop is conducted by specially trained police officers and was designed with input from immigrants and several support organizations. Agencies and those who teach ESL classes can book the free workshop to be presented to their students.

All sessions include an overview of the Calgary Police Service, followed by discussion of specific subject areas including:

  • The role of police in Canadian Society - includes discussion of the municipal police, RCMP and the functions of a police officer
  • Criminal Code offences - examples covered are shoplifting, family violence, impaired driving and the consequences of each
  • Provincial statutes - includes law involving driving, hunting, fishing and alcohol and the consequences of violation
  • Municipal bylaws - includes transit, parking and jaywalking
  • Police procedures - includes Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, officer/violator contact and complaints against police
  • Crime prevention - includes personal, home and vehicle safety and discussion of programs such as Block Watch
  • Employment and volunteer positions - includes recruiting information and volunteer opportunities

For more information on available Diversity Education programs please contact the liaison officer directly at 403-428-8158.