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Vulnerable Person Self-Registry

The Vulnerable Person Self-Registry has been discontinued and the information contained in its database will be destroyed. The Calgary Police Service has partnered with MedicAlert® and will now access their database for information on anyone who may require special attention in an emergency due to a medical, mental health or physical condition, or due to a cognitive developmental disability.

MedicAlert® maintains a database of people who have a condition that requires special care from emergency responders. The database includes detailed information about the person, their condition, special instructions and an emergency contact. Every subscriber also gets a bracelet, watch or other form of accessory with a unique  MedicAlert® identification number on it. Emergency responders can use this number to access the critical information on the  MedicAlert® database in an emergency.

Visit the  MedicAlert® website at to register. You can subscribe to their service for $5 per month for an adult and $4 per month for a minor. You will also need to make a one-time purchase of a MedicAlert® identification for $39.

Once you have registered, members of the Calgary Police Service and other emergency responders in Calgary will be able to access the information you enter into the  MedicAlert® database.

This change is because maintaining a separate database has become unsustainable for the Calgary Police Service due to pressures on our financial and staff resources.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 403-428-8399 or email