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Vulnerable Person Self-Registry

Vulnerable Person Self Registry

The Calgary Police Service has created a database where people can register if they have a physical, mental or medical condition that means they may require special attention in an emergency.

If you are a vulnerable person or care for a vulnerable person, we need you to provide us with your information. Your privacy will be protected and the information you provide will only be used by first responders to help you or your loved one when you are in danger.

How the registry works

The registry is open to anyone who spends a majority of their time in Calgary and due to a medical, mental health or physical condition, or due to a cognitive developmental disability, may require special attention in an emergency/disaster situation. Some examples include Alzheimer’s disease, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Acquired Brain injury, mobility impairment, visual impairment, deaf or hard of hearing, cognitive/developmental disability or a mental health condition.

It is a self-registry, so the individual or their caretaker must enter their information into the system and it has to updated/renewed 6 months, 1 year or two years from the initial application or it will be removed from the registry. An email will be sent to the address we have on file reminding you to update your information each year.

How the information is used

The information in the self-registry will only be accessed when a vulnerable person is in danger or distress due to an emergency, and it will only be used to help the individual. Calgary Police Service, Fire Department and EMS (Alberta Health Services) will have access to the information and it will be securely stored by the Calgary Police Service.

The registry will not be used to assist with criminal investigations.

How to register

In order to register, you need to provide the vulnerable person’s name, date of birth, physical description, contact information, methods of approach/communication and a description of any life threatening medical conditions.

We also require a passport-style photo of the vulnerable person’s face taken within the last year:

  • Please submit your one, best photo 

  • Photo must only depict the registered individual’s face (no other persons or service animals; no full body shots);

  • Photo must reflect the registered individual’s current appearance; and

  • Photo must be clear and in focus.

The information can be provided by the individual themselves or by a parent of a vulnerable child, caregiver, legal guardian, health care professional or agency support worker.

Every profile is reviewed and an email will be sent to you confirming that the profile was entered into the registry, or explaining why it was not.



Contact us

If you have questions or need more information about the Vulnerable Person Self-Registry, call 403-428-8399 or email