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Vulnerable persons - Services and resources

The Vulnerable Persons Team (VPT) Resource Officers co-ordinate with homelessness and addiction-serving agencies to meet the needs of vulnerable people in our city. The officers are a resource to external agencies as liaisons, education resources and coordinators.

Contact the Vulnerable Persons Team at 403-428-8811 (adult vulnerable persons) or 403-428-5704 (youth vulnerable persons).

Police and Crisis Team (PACT)

"I think PACT saved my brother’s life. PACT also saved a lot of anxiousness on our family’s part. In terms of getting him help, we felt supported, a timely solution was provided, and we were able to deal with someone who understood mental illness and wanted to help" - From the  PACT Fact Sheet.

The Police and Crisis Team (PACT) is a joint initiative between the CPS and Alberta Health Services that works with people with serious mental health issues who come into contact with the law.

The Police and Crisis Team (PACT) started operations in early 2010 as a three-year pilot funded by the Safe Communities Initiative. PACT provides a secondary response to incidents in Calgary involving people experiencing a mental health, addiction or psychosocial crisis when a danger to themselves and/or public is present.

PACT is applicable when one following conditions is present:

  • Client has a history of aggression/violence/ weapons.
  • Client is intoxicated and demonstrating suicidal/ homicidal ideation.
  • Client has a history of substance use and/or mental illness presenting with likelihood of danger or harm to self or others.

See the Police and Crisis Team (PACT) Fact Sheet for more information.

The Downtown Outreach Addictions Program (DOAP)

The Downtown Outreach Addictions Program (DOAP) assists vulnerable individuals in the community to get to a safe place. DOAP Team is a program of Calgary Alpha House and is designed to support emergency services such as police officers and Emergency Medical Services. It is a service that helps link those who come into contact with individuals that have substance abuse issues with the appropriate social service agency. It is also an alternative response to calling 911 for someone who is intoxicated in the community. The team can travel anywhere in the city and is a great resource for questions around addiction issues. 

Alberta Health also offers a Mobile Response Team.

Watch the Downtown Outreach Addictions Program or read the Social Return on Investment Report

Contact DOAP:

  • DOAP Outreach: 403-998-7388 (cell) – Operates 24/7
  • DOAP Encampment Team (for people sleeping outside): 403-805-7388 (cell) - Operates Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.

The DOAP team can help transport those under the influence of any drug and or alcohol for addiction treatment and related appointments. DOAP also provides referral services for shelters, detoxification, addiction treatment services, health needs, crisis counselling, advocacy and basic needs like food, housing and clothing. The DOAP team can also provide referrals to more appropriate youth services for young people experiencing homelessness.

Help for troubled children and youth

The Calgary Police has a Youth Resource Officer who works with street involved youth serving agencies to provide a more coordinated service response to young people frequently in conflict with the justice system.

If your child is experiencing mental health or addiction concerns, you can access the following resources for support:

The City of Calgary also offers a The Calgary Community Services Guide and a Youth Services Guide.

Homelessness and poverty

Homelessness and poverty in itself are not criminal justice issues; they are societal issues that require a community response as a whole. The Calgary Police Service works closely with community members, partners and stakeholders to assist those experiencing homelessness.

Is homelessness an issue in your community?

  • Call 9-1-1 if you witness a crime in progress.
  • Call the Police non-emergency line at 403-266-1234 for non-emergency situations.
  • Contact 3-1-1 if you witness a bylaw infraction. Consult our list of City of Calgary bylaws for more information.
  • Call the police non-emergency link and ask for the District Community Liaison Officer or the Vulnerable Persons Team to find out how you can get involved in addressing homelessness.
  • Call the DOAP team for outreach services (phone numbers listed above).
  • Visit the Calgary Homeless Foundation for more information on homelessness in our city.
  • View the Aboriginal Services Guide.