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Core values, mission and guiding principles

​Core values

"All members of the Calgary Police Service are expected to adhere to the core values of the Service, conducting themselves at all times with honesty, integrity, respect, fairness and compassion, and courage."

Tell the truth with candour in a way that is clear and to the point.

Display actions and express oneself in a manner consistent with the values of the

Treat all people with value and decency. Listen to the views of others and maintain open communication.

Fairness and Compassion
Deal with people fairly and in a manner that displays empathy and understanding.

Take a stand on issues of value and importance to oneself and the Service. Make decisions and take action regardless of the possible consequences, to maintain public safety.


"To maximise public safety in Calgary."

The Calgary Police Service, in concert with other agencies and the citizens of Calgary, is instrumental in preserving the quality of life in our community by maintaining Calgary as a secure place in which to live. In so doing, we are dedicated philosophically and operationally to the concept of community-based policing.

Community Policing is, quite simply, police officers and Calgarians working together, in partnership, to prevent crime, and finding long-lasting solutions to the problems that threaten safety and order.

Community policing emphasizes:

  • peacekeeping
  • problem-solving
  • crime prevention
  • constructive alternatives to law enforcement for some offences or offenders
  • the participation of the community

Consulting with our communities. We work with Calgarians in many ways, and in many places, to learn:

  • community priorities
  • the needs of crime victims
  • the best way to deliver services
  • the effectiveness and quality of our services
  • the requirements of the law enforcement and criminal justice environment

Our primary focus is on crime prevention, crime detection and apprehension, and traffic safety. Our most effective tools are:

  • positive community relations
  • education
  • problem-solving and
  • use of current technology to analyse conditions, project trends and deploy resources

Guiding principles

  1. To promote an understanding that the true measure of police effectiveness is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with them.
  2. To secure the cooperation of the public in voluntary observance of laws by encouraging understanding and communication between the citizens of Calgary and their Police Service.
  3. To maximize individual and collective skills within the Service in terms of crime prevention, crime detection and traffic safety.
  4. To promote a professional police image by demonstrating impartial service to the law, and by offering service and friendship to all members of the public without regard to gender, race, religious beliefs, colour, ancestry or place of origin.
  5. To use only the minimum force required on any particular occasion, and only when persuasion, advice, and warning are found to be insufficient to obtain public observance of the law.
  6. To recruit qualified candidates who reflect the diversity of the community.
  7. To provide training, education and developmental capability within the Service that maximizes the potential of all members.
  8. To achieve the foregoing within an acceptable cost framework.