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Professional Conduct Hearings

Professional Conduct Hearings are held for a variety of professional misconduct under the Police Act and the Police Service Regulation of Alberta. The different misconduct allegations addressed at hearings are defined and described in Section 5 of the Police Service Regulation.
There are four different types of hearings: First Appearance, Appearance, Trial and Decision. Typically, a file will progress through these four different hearing types, but sometimes a trial is not needed or a decision is made at the end of a trial instead of in a separate hearing. 

Upcoming Professional Conduct Hearings

Professional Conduct Hearings scheduled within the next 30 days are added to the below table every Wednesday. The information is accurate as of the date it was posted, however last-minute changes can occur and will not be reflected on this webpage until the following week.
Updated for September 19, 2018
Monday, October 1, 2018
Deceit – Officers allegedly destroyed notes relating to surveillance.
Neglect of Duty – Officers allegedly concealed or destroyed notes relating to surveillance.
Neglect of Duty – Officers allegedly did not include information relating to surveillance to the Crown.
Insubordination – Officer allegedly did not comply with CPS policy.
Neglect of Duty – Officers did not include all relevant information to the Crown.
Discreditable Conduct – Officers allegedly destroyed notes or take notes relating to an investigation and did not disclose to the Crown.
Deceit – Officer allegedly altered or erased notes relating to surveillance.
Deceit – Officers allegedly made and submitted notes that were misleading.

Attending a Hearing

Professional Conduct Hearings are open to the public and media.
If you wish to attend, please note that food and drink is not allowed in the hearing room. Recording devices and cameras are also not permitted.
All hearings are held in the Hearing Room of the Calgary Police Service Headquarters building, located at 5111 47 Street N.E.

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