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Approximately 7,000 licence plates are stolen in Calgary each year. These stolen plates are used by criminals in the commission of other crimes, such as auto theft, robberies and traffic violations.

Citizens can help prevent licence plate thefts by utilizing secure plate screws, which are available free of charge at all district offices.

Secure screws will require a specialized bit to install and remove. Please attend any district office for assistance with installing or removing them. Local dealerships may also carry the tool and remove the plate free of charge. Call to ensure their participation prior to attending the dealership.

Tips for preventing theft of licence plates:

  • Park in busy, well lit areas.
  • Don’t back into parking stalls. Park your vehicle so the rear licence plate is visible to the driving lanes.
  • Walk around your vehicle and check your licence plate frequently.
  • Report stolen plates as soon as possible by calling the non-emergency number 403-266-1234.