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The Hub

In support of community engagement efforts, The Hub Messaging System is a community automated notification system that delivers vital information to residents and business owners within the City of Calgary.

The Hub Messaging System utilizes sophisticated software by strategically sending information to a selected geographic area made possible through a community member sign-up webpage. Messages will be prepared and delivered by the Calgary Police Service through email, voice, and text messaging. Message types and user delivery profiles can be tailored to meet the needs and preferences for each registered community member. Community members can choose to change their profile or unsubscribe at any time.

Types of messages

The Hub Messaging System transmits messages using landline and cellular telephone options. The registration page enables community members to create a user profile which will specify the message types that the community member wishes to receive and restrict the types that are not desired. E-Alert will send informative messages ranging from city events to safety notifications and emergency incidents. The following are examples of message types that are be delivered:

  • Community events
  • Information alerts
  • Existing Amber alerts
  • Missing persons
  • Emergency incidents
  • Neighbourhood crime alerts
  • Threats to school safety
  • Public warnings
  • Crime prevention information


Residents and business owners within the city of Calgary who wish to enroll in The Hub Messaging System can register by completing an online form or at their local police district office.

You will be required to create a Hub Messaging user profile by completing all required fields on the  registration form. Your user profile will increase the speed in which the system delivers messages, and will identify the geographic area where the messages are to be delivered. You also have the option to edit your online user profile or unsubscribe at any time.

If you would like to register for The Hub online, please click the link below (Please Note: You must be using an internet browser consisting of Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 9+ in order to register): 

Register For The Hub



Message delivery options

The Hub Messaging System is available to all community members who work or live in the city of Calgary, or within the local calling area. Long distance numbers will not be accessible and messages will not be delivered to these numbers.

  1. Phone message option - Community members who select messages to be delivered to their home or cellular telephone will receive calls from The Hub Messaging System with a pre-recorded message. If the telephone is not answered, Hub Messaging will leave a message at the end of the voice mail greeting.
  2. Text message option - Community members who choose the text to be delivered to their home or cellular telephone will receive calls from Hub Messaging on their cellular or smart phone devices. Please note your phone carrier may charge you for incoming text messages.
  3. E-mail message option - Community members are able to choose to receive email notifications sent to an e-mail address.