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Calgary Police Service recruit training


Probationary constables entering training will be paid at the 5th Class Constable rate, beginning on the first day of classes. Classroom training is located in the Calgary Police Service Chief Crowfoot Learning Centre and lasts for 27 weeks.

Training topics

  • Criminal law
  • Evidence
  • Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Search and seizure
  • Firearms
  • Officer safety
  • Human relations
  • Foot drill
  • Provincial/Municipal laws
  • Police computer systems
  • Skills and procedures
  • Officer violator contact
  • Pursuit driving
  • Emergency response

There is a great deal of information and many skills to learn in a relatively short time. Academic standards are high and considerable home-study should be anticipated.

Recruit training is physically demanding and will challenge fitness levels. It's imperative that applicants can meet the standards.

Field training

Upon graduating from classroom training, all new officers will work with a police training officer for three months. During that time, the experienced officer constantly evaluates the probationary constable's performance. Newly hired officers are placed on a period of probation for eighteen months beginning the day they started recruit training.