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School Resource Officers (SROs)

​School resource officers (SROs) are sworn law enforcement officers with the Calgary Police Service who are places placed in schools. SROs generally possess a background in working with youth and community-based programs. SROs are usually seen as a friend or mentor to students rather than a uniformed officer.

SROs provide advice and guidance as well as can assit in instances of bullying and school violence​.

Who is my School Resource Officer?

To locate an SRO, please contact the main office of your school.

If your school does not have a dedicated SRO, report any incidences of bullying to your parents and / or school administration. They can then direct you to a police officer if they feel it is necessary.

About the School Resource Officer program

The School Resource Officer program was established in Calgary in 1976 and operates as an agreement between the Calgary Police Service, the Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Catholic School District.

The program facilitates the placement of sworn law enforcement officers in schools. The resource officer is trained to perform three roles:

  • law related educator;
  • law-related counsellor; and,
  • law enforcement.

The officers provide a visible and positive image of law enforcement; brings expertise into schools that will help young people make positive choices in their lives and work to protect the school environment. Currently, there are 21 school resource officers working across senior and junior high schools in Calgary.

The program mandate is a commitment to fostering partnerships among law enforcement, the school and the community, towards ensuring safe school environments, successful students and productive citizens.

The SROs mandate within the school system is broken down into three priorities:

  1. Education: Provides law related presentations within the school and guidance to youth identified at risk of entering criminal behaviour, or potential domestic abusive relationships.
  2. Intervention: Identifies students entering potentially abusive domestic situations or students on the line of entering a criminal lifestyle and provides the proper guidance to assist with the needs of the situation.
  3. Enforcement: Enforces all laws legislated by the government.

SROs have a strong relationship with Crime Stoppers​. When tips are related to a high school the SRO is assigned to, the tip will generally go directly to the SRO to be dealt with. This partnership helps the SRO to identify offenders with their knowledge of the students and repeat offenders.