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ReDirect has a new webpage! For information on ReDirect or to make a referral, please visit

ReDirect is prevention and education program aimed at youth and young adults vulnerable to becoming radicalized, before they develop extremist ideologies or intentions.

Radicalization & Extremism

  • Occurs when a person or group attempt to generate political or societal change by using or supporting the use of violence to achieve aims.
  • Does not adhere to fundamental and lawful democratic principles.
  • Is not limited to any specific demographic, community or cultural group.
  • Can occur across a number of ideological motivations and causes (political, religious, religio-political, and single issue).

Helping Youth or Young Adults

There are a number of complex indicators of a young person who may be vulnerable to radicalization or extremism. You may have noticed changes in a friend or loved one and don’t know what to do. We can help.

Our referral process is strictly confidential. Young persons involved with ReDirect will not be negatively disadvantaged for participating.



ntact ReDirect

• Phone: 403-428-8200

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