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The Gateway Initiative

The Gateway Initiative is a program designed to connect police, young people, their families and community resources. Gateway is designed to intervene with youth who commit a chargeable but minor offence. The youth must accept responsibility for the offence and be willing to participate in the program.

The program coordinator is the single point of contact for Calgary Police Officers referrals. This initiative offers quick access to effective intervention for youth, and allows police and court resources to focus on more serious crime. It addresses the causes of crime at both the individual and community levels, and provides youth and families with access through referral to community resources.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act places an increased emphasis on police to use discretion when encountering youth. The legislation also aims to reduce the number of youth entering the formal justice system.

For more information, you can email the Gateway Initiative team at or call 3-1-1. Additional information on gangs is available on the Gang Reduction Intervention Prevention anti-gang website.