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Calgary Police Auxiliary Cadet Program

The Auxiliary Cadet program is a unique work and training program within the Calgary Police Service that gives people the opportunity to work for the Calgary Police Service alongside sworn police officers at the District offices. The Auxiliary Cadet Program is similar to a paid internship program giving insight into policing while earning money and receiving valuable training.

The Auxiliary Cadet program consists of main three components:

  • employment
  • volunteering
  • training

The Auxiliary Cadets attend five weeks of paid training at the Calgary Police Service Chief Crowfoot Learning Centre (CCLC), where they receive foundational instruction in communication skills, report writing, note taking and information about community policing that will enable them to fulfill District front counter responsibilities. The Auxiliary Cadets are also introduced to drill and physical fitness training. 


The Auxiliary Cadets are assigned to work at the District front counters. They are paid civilian employees of the Calgary Police Service. They assist sworn police officers with the reporting of traffic collisions, providing the public with information and direction regarding general inquiries, and initiating occurrence reports to assist Calgary Police Service sworn members at the time of reporting. The Auxiliary Cadet program concentrates on leadership and mentorship development through team building activities. During the post-secondary school year, the Auxiliary Cadet program is limited to a maximum weekly work hours of 15-19 hours per week from September to April. From May to August, Auxiliary Cadets are limited to working no more than 35 hours per week and are generally scheduled 28-32 hours per week. 


Each Auxiliary Cadets enrolled in the program is required to complete 50 hours per year of volunteering in events either within the Calgary Police Service itself or with one of the Calgary Police Service’s partner agencies. The Auxiliary Cadets have volunteered in a variety of events so far since the program started in July 2013 from helping the flood victims in High River in July, to representing the Calgary Police Service at the annual Alberta Peace Officer’s Memorial in Edmonton in September, and assisting as role players for the CCLC Recruit Training scenarios.

On-going training

Auxiliary Cadets are required to attend sixteen mandatory paid training sessions held throughout the year. The training sessions are made up of modular learning, where the Auxiliary Cadets will become familiar with the significance of community policing in the Calgary Police Service, administrative duties as determined by the District or Service, and the impact of crime management strategies specific to each District. The Auxiliary Cadet program is designed to augment the skills, knowledge and experience of prospective police officer candidates who require further development in these areas to successfully compete for a sworn police officer position with the Calgary Police Service. The Auxiliary Cadet Program aims to attract candidates who are genuinely interested in a career in law enforcement and who come from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Within the program it will also offer mentorship and learning opportunities through structured employment.

Core Values

All members of the Calgary Police Auxiliary Cadets are expected to adhere to the core values, conducting themselves at all times with honesty, integrity, respect, fairness and compassion, and courage.

  • Honesty
    • Tell the truth with candour in a way that is clear and to the point.

  • Integrity
    • Display actions and express oneself in a manner consistent with the values of the

  • Respect
    • Treat all people with value and decency. Listen to the views of others and maintain open communication.

  • Fairness and Compassion
    • Deal with people fairly and in a manner that displays empathy and understanding.

  • Courage
    • Take a stand on issues of value and importance to oneself and the Service.

For more information about the Calgary Police Auxiliary Cadet Program please visit the Calgary Police Cadets website.