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The Calgary Police Service is rewarding Calgary's kids for helping us keep Calgary safe.

Uniformed constables throughout the city are recognizing and rewarding young people aged six to 13 by giving SuperKids coupons to deserving children. The coupons are given at the discretion of the officers and may be awarded for such things as wearing a bike helmet, crossing the street safely, helping out a neighbour or picking up trash.

Children can then redeem their coupons at any location of the three product sponsors:

  • ​Dairy Queen
  • 7-11
  • Co-op

Why is the Superkids program important?

​The program promotes and reinforces positive behaviours; allows the opportunity to build relationships with our youth; and, provides youth with positive Police interaction.

The SuperKids program gives officers a way to say thanks to young people. This is a great way to recognize and encourage them. It’s a forum for officers to build positive relationships with youth and provide opportunities to give useful information to them about crisis lines, youth services, events, recreation and other opportunities.

For more information about this program, email