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Disaster Alley

The 7th Annual Disaster Alley is postponed

The annual Disaster Alley planned for May 7, 2016 has been postponed.

The decision to postpone is a result of the wildfire situation in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

The priority is supporting our municipal partners and ensuring we have the necessary personnel or equipment available to respond if the request is made.

Building a culture of preparedness is important. The event will be rescheduled and the public will be notified.

Disaster Alley is a an annual preparedness event that usually occurs in Calgary every May. As Calgary’s largest preparedness event, Disaster Alley showcases over 30 exhibitors, such as the Calgary Fire Department, Calgary Search and Rescue Association (CALSARA), HAWCS, and many more groups who provide assistance in emergencies and disasters. These exhibitors educate guests about what they can do in an emergency or disaster.

Emergency Preparedness Week

Disaster Alley usually happens during Emergency Preparedness Week – a national event in May that aims to build a culture of preparedness in Canada. The event is coordinated by Public Safety Canada, in close collaboration with the provinces, territories and partners.

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