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Campaign Disclosures


Campaign disclosure documents

Notice of Intent

Anyone intending to run for office for Mayor or Councillor in the City of Calgary is required to submit a no​tice of intent with The City before accepting any campaign contributions.

Individuals who are self-funded are not required to file a Notice of Intent. A self-funded campaign must not accept any campaign contributions from any person, corporation, trade union or employee organization, no matter how small the contribution. A self-funded campaign limits a candidate to a campaign not exceeding $10,000 and removes the requirements for a candidate to establish an election campaign bank account and to file disclosure statements.

Campaign Disclosures – Mayor or Councillor Candidates

Anyone who has filed a Notice of Intent and is on the Candidate Registry (even if nomination papers were not submitted on September 18, 2017) must file a campaign disclosure if they did not self-fund.

Campaign disclosure statements must be filed with the Returning Officer on, or before March 1, 2018.

Campaign Disclosures – School Trustee Candidates

In accordance with Section 118(2) of the LAEA, the Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Catholic Board have passed Bylaws requiring Disclosure of Campaign Contributions and Expenses, Bylaws 2 of 2013 and 186-2017 respectively.

The submission date for School Trustee Candidates to submit the required documentation is February 1, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.

Disclosures from past elections

2017 Disclosure

2013 Disclosure

2010 Disclosure