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Who can vote?

You are eligible to vote in the 2017 Calgary General Election if on Election Day (October 16, 2017), you:

  • Are at least 18 year old; and
  • Are a Canadian citizen; and
  • Have resided in Alberta since April 16, 2017; and
  • Are a resident on Election Day;
    • Of the city of Calgary, to vote for Mayor; and
    • Of the ward, to vote for Councillor; and
    • Of the Calgary Board of Education, to vote for Public School Trustee; or
    • Of the Calgary Roman Catholic Separate School District No. 1, to vote for Separate School Trustee​
  • Provide one of the authorized pieces of identification.

Before you vote you must sign a statement that you are eligible to vote.*

* It is an offense to sign a false statement.


A student who:
  • Attends an educational institution within or, outside Alberta;
  • Temporarily rents accommodation for the purpose of attending an educational institution; and
  • Has family members who are resident in Alberta and with whom the student ordinarily resides when not attending an educational institution, is deemed to be a resident.​