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Public Hearing of Council: July 20


Trinity’s application for the Policy Amendment and Land Use Amendment for Paskapoo Slopes is on the July 20 agenda for the Public Hearing of Council. It is listed as item 7.26 and is the final land use item on the agenda.
Council may choose to adjust the agenda so, if you are interested, please watch the opening of the meeting (9:45 a.m.) when they review and vote on the proposed agenda.

If no adjustments are made to the agenda, it is very likely that the application will not be presented until sometime Tuesday or even Wednesday, due to the number and complexity of land use items on the agenda.

How to present your view to Council:


The Public Hearing of Council will be held at the Council Chamber, Calgary Municipal Building, 800 Macleod Trail S.E. Anyone wishing to address Council on this matter may do so for a period of five minutes. If you’d like to distribute additional material at the meeting please supply the City Clerk with 35 copies at the time of presentation. Additional material requires the approval of the Mayor before distribution to Members of Council.  Please refer to this brochure for more information or contact the City Clerk at 403-268-5861 if you have further questions.  
Display panels from previous open houses and more detailed information on the application are available on the East Paskapoo Slopes project page. You can also learn more about what the property owner is proposing by visiting their website.
 The City of Calgary is reviewing a proposed development for the East Paskapoo Slopes, located just east of Canada Olympic Park. This land would have to be rezoned and a new area structure plan would have to be created to accommodate this proposed development. If approved by City Council, this will change what development is allowed on the site.

Area structure plans set the future vision for a community, including what type of development should be allowed and where. They can also include high-level guidance on where buildings should be placed on the site and what design principles those buildings should follow.

While the undeveloped land just east of Canada Olympic Park has been open for the public to enjoy for many years, much of it is privately owned. The property owner has expressed an interest in developing the site and is now trying to get The City’s approval.

For more detailed information on the proposal, please visit the East Paskapoo Slopes project page . You can also learn more information about what the property owner is proposing by visiting their website.
Trinity Paskapoo Slopes area map 
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