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Vote workers


This fall, Elections Calgary will be hiring approximately 3,000 workers to work during the Advance Vote and on Vote Day.

Vote workers are paid positions, the pay will vary depending on the position and type of voting station.

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Who can be a vote worker?

  • If you are eligible to work in Canada, you can apply to work as a vote worker.
  • You do not have to be a Canadian citizen to apply.
  • You must be available to complete a daytime training session in November.

How to apply to be a vote worker

You can apply online beginning September 5. For more information, call 403-476-4100 (option 2). Only successful candidates will be contacted. We expect to complete all hiring by November 7th.

What does a vote worker do?

Some of the duties that a vote worker might be required to perform include:

  • Setting up the voting station
  • Helping voters through the voting process
  • Provides information to the public
  • Taking down the voting station

The hours you can expect to work are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Senior positions may work a longer day. Vote workers cannot leave the voting station for any reason on Vote Day, including meals which must be brought with you.

You may also be offered a stand-by worker position. If you agree to be a stand-by worker, you must be ready to arrive at the assigned location on short notice on Vote Day.

Vote worker training

If you are a successful applicant, you must attend a training session in November 2018. Most training sessions take place during regular business hours. Training sessions for most positions will be up to 1 hour. Training sessions for senior positions may be up to 3 hours.

Vote worker hiring

If your application is successful and your services are required, you will be contacted starting October through to November 7th with an offer of a position. You will be provided with the following information:

  • Voting station location;
  • Position offered;
  • Time and date of your training session; and
  • How much you will be paid.

Any questions you may have we will answer at that time.

Vote worker positions, general tasks and total pay

Below are positions names, general tasks descriptions and an estimated total pay for Vote 2018 worker positions.

Note: Total pay is an estimate for the position. This includes compensation for training and hours worked on Vote day.

Position: Presiding Deputy Returning Officer (PDRO)
Supervises the voting station.

Position: Assistant Deputy Returning Officer (Assistant PDRO)
Assists the Presiding Deputy Returning Officer (PDRO).

Position: Ballot Clerk
Initials ballots, identifies if ballot supply is running low, and balancing ballots. Must be comfortable working with numbers.

Position: Tabulator Clerk
Operates a tabulator machine that counts ballots. The Tabulator Clerk position must be comfortable working with technology and be able to provide guidance to voters. This position must know how to operate an electronic device (e.g. personal computer, tablet, smart phone, scanner/photocopier) and be able to teach the basics of how operate that device to another person.

Position: Deputy Returning Officer (DRO)
Confirms that a voter has an authorized form of identification, explains the statement of eligibility to voters and assists in tasks assigned by the Presiding Deputy Returning Officer (PDRO).