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Right to Know

The City of Calgary strives to be a transparent organization and believes that promoting freedom of information is essential for good governance, quality service delivery and effective citizen engagement.

This year, The City is celebrating your right to access government information as part of Right to Know Week (RTK) from September 24-30.  RTK Week promotes the benefits of access to information and the rights of Canadians to transparent and open government. The goal of RTK Week is to raise global awareness of an individual’s right to access government information and to promote access to information as a fundamental human right.

In Alberta, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act is the legislation which provides the framework for access to information requests and protection of personal information.

Acting in a transparent and open manner should be among the top priorities of The City of Calgary. Over the past few decades, The City has made significant strides towards acting in a more open and accountable manner. Access to information provides greater citizen engagement—engagement that has us all working together to build a better Calgary.

At The City we understand the importance of transparency in government, and work to ensure that Calgarians have that right of access. Over the past few years, we’ve made changes that support that commitment. A few examples:               

  • The City has expanded its extensive open data catalogue to share City information, including recent census data, in various formats. This catalogue is now being regularly mined by citizen innovators through the Civic Innovation YYC project to help make an even better City.
  • Council regularly publishes office expenses, meetings, and gifts on and for the Mayor’s office on

The City is committed to having all the information citizens may need readily available. Search or contact 311 for information on projects, meetings, or services.