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Council Policy Library

Council Policy Updates

The following Council policies were recently adopted:

Non-Market Housing Land Disposition Policy (CP2019-02)

The Social Wellbeing Policy (CP2019-01)

The following Council policies were recently rescinded:

• Fair Calgary Policy (CSPS019)

The following Council policies are currently under review:

  • Calgary Civic Arts Policy (CSPS001)
  • Calgary Corporate Accessibility Policy (CSPS003)
  • Calgary Heritage Strategy and Policy (LUP007)
  • Centre City Plan (LUP006)
  • Community Capital Conservation Grant (CSPS006)
  • Community Services Program Policy (CSPS018)
  • Encroachment Policy (CS008)
  • Integration of Emergency Services into The City of Calgary Land Use, Infrastructure and Mobility Planning Policy (CSPS033)
  • Lease/License of Occupation to Community Organizations (CSPS011)
  • Plaque Policy (CC014)
  • Proclamation Policy (CC015)
  • Public Notice and Legal Advertising Policy (CS010)
  • Public Use Policy (CSPS031)
  • Triple Bottom Line Policy (LUP003, EM003, CS003)
  • Corporate Fuel Management Policy (UEP002)
  • Greater Prince's Island Park Master Plan (CSPS027)
  • Letters of Recognition Policy (CC012)
  • The City of Calgary Heritage Management Program Policies and Procedures (LUP001)
  • Year Long Proclamations Policy (CC020)
  • Integrated Risk Management Policy (CC011)
  • Ward Boundary Determination and Review (CC017)
  • Transparency and Accountability Policy (CC039)
  • User Fees and Subsidies Policy (CFO010)
  • Welcoming Community Policy (CSPS034)
  • Dangerous Goods Route Network Development Policy (TP001)
  • Truck Route Network Development Policy (TP005)
  • High Load Truck Route Network Development Policy (TP006)
  • The City of Calgary's Environmental Policy (UEP001)
  • Visitor Parking Permit Policy (LUP005)
  • Installation of 'Out of Sequence' Traffic Signals Policy (TP007)
  • Sustainable Building Policy (CS005)
  • Traffic Calming Policy (TP002)
  • Reporting Policy for Council Members Attending FCM and AUMA Annual Conferences (CC022)
  • Business Exemptions Policy (PDA001)
  • Councillors' Expenses/Allowances Policy (PAC006)
  • Budgeting and Accounting Policy - Office of the Councillors (PAC014)
  • Communication Research and Office Support Policy-Ward Budget - Office of the Councillors (PAC010)
  • Posting Councillor Ward Budgets and Expenses Policy (CC027)
  • Office of the Councillors' Expenditure Authorization Policy (PAC008)
  • Councillor Attendance at Quebec Carnival and Grey Cup (PAC003)
  • Councillors' Expenses- Out of Town Travel Policy (PAC007)
  • Members of Council Remuneration Policy (CC035)
  • Elected Officials Benefit and Pension Policy (CC038)
  • Learning and Development Policy for Councillors (CC024)
  • Council Strategic Initiatives Fund Guidelines (CC009)
  • Disclosure Policy for Members of Council (CC010)
  • Governance Structure Office of the Councillors (PAC004)
  • Acceptable Use of City Technology Resources - Members of Council (PAC009)
  • Information Management and Computer Resources Policy- Office of the Councillors (PAC011)
  • Records Management Policy for Councillors (PAC013)
  • Councillors Assistants Policy (PAC005)
  • Assistants Severance Policy (CC030)
  • Councillor Assistants and Staff Parking and Travel Plan Policy (PAC012)
  • Office of the Councillors Work Experience Policy & Agreement (PAC015)