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Leadership Strategic Plan


We’ve taken the pulse of our citizens and our Council to determine where our efforts as a local government should be focused. Citizens have told us they want us to be mindful of our spending, show value in the services we offer, invest in our infrastructure, be transparent and accountable, and ask for their opinions before making decisions that affect the future of our city.

Our Council expects us to provide our services in a coordinated and integrated way, collaborate and work together as a team, deliver services with a citizen and customer focused approach, provide a sustainable financial plan, and instill confidence and trust in all that we do as an organization.

Expectations have changed dramatically over the years. Citizens want quality customer service through the channel of their choice that is easily accessible. They expect our behaviours and our values to align with those of the community we live in, and they watch us closely to ensure we’re meeting these expectations on a daily basis. They want us to help out when our neighbours, locally, nationally and internationally, when in need. These changes in expectations are what a modern municipal government needs to be able to monitor and respond to at a moment’s notice.

The Leadership Strategic Plan (LSP) is how we align the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the community and the direction we receive from Council. The five focus areas have been designed to help us close the gap between these expectations and guide us toward a modern municipal government through a change in our culture.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The five areas are:

  1. Create a meaningful relationship with Council.
  2. Build a cohesive leadership culture and collaborative workforce.
  3. Better serve our citizens, communities and customers.
  4. Plan and build a great city.
  5. Strengthen our financial position.​

We all need to work together to make change happen and achieve strategic alignment and organizational efficiency. Change is never easy, but it presents us with an enormous opportunity. We can all work together to make life in Calgary better every day.