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Delivering value for citizens

Calgary is a dynamic and resilient city and The City of Calgary is committed to our economic recovery to fulfil our common purpose – to make life better every day for citizens, customers, communities and businesses. We’re working together to continue to find savings and efficiencies to streamline the cost of municipal government and support businesses to start and grow. Below are some useful links to more information on ongoing initiatives to deliver value for citizens and support our economic recovery.

Economic recovery through business friendly support

Business Friendly

Enabling you to start, grow, maintain and change your Calgary business.


One-stop shop for all your business needs including live chat.

Cut Red Tape​

Improving city service.

Living Labs

Supporting innovative solutions.

Planning & Development Improvements

Streamlining how we work with citizens, customers and communities.

Economic recovery through efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Finances

Where your tax dollars are invested.

Intentional Management

Making the most of our tax dollars.

Corporate Economics

Economic forecasting and analysis.

Zero-Based Review Program

A focus on continuous improvement

Economic Resilience Strategy

Utilizing resources to aid stimulus and create opportunity.

Economic recovery though service value to citizens.

Value-based Service

Service-based budgeting and planning.

One Calgary

How we work together.

Our Services

Overview of The City’s 61 lines of service.

Property Tax Calculator

Estimate your taxes based on your assessed value.



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