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Business and residential tax share

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Calgary's ComebackFiscal responsibility

Calgary’s projected economic growth is at lower levels than in the past has negatively affected jobs, income levels and mental health. The downturn in the energy industry has resulted in downtown office space vacancy. This has led to a tax shift for non-residential properties that placed additional burden on businesses outside the core. Here’s what we are doing to increase financial sustainability. ​​​

W​e are committed to:
  • ​Continuing to engage citizens and working together to ensure our service commitments are aligned with Calgarians' priorities and delivered in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • Working with Council to reduce service delivery costs. 
  • Addressing the "tax shift"​​ challenges.
the city of calgary

Here's what we've been up to

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What's been done?​

We have:

  • Council established the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund (OCIF)​ with a $100M investment. The OCIF supports projects that will serve as a catalyst for economic growth, diversification, and increased employment.
  • Achieved $614M in operating cost savings, efficiencies and reductions (2015-2018) to address citizen priorities and needs.
  • Provided $130M one-time tax mitigation through the 2019 Phased Tax Program to address concerns of business owners.
  • Implemented base budget reductions of $60M for 2019 in July to support the 2019 Phased Tax Program. In 2020, these operating reductions will be applied to reduce non-residential property tax as directed by Council.

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What's in the works?​

We are:

  • Engaging Calgarians in meaningful dialogue to obtain feedback on service plans and budgets. This will help Council make informed budget decisions. 
  • Reviewing City services and subservices to ensure alignment with the wants and needs of Calgarians. 
  • Preparing options to reduce the previously approved Council tax rate for 2020, from 3.03% to 1.5% or 0%. 
  • Working with the Financial Task Force to advocate with other orders of government to establish sustainable tax policies and review alternate revenue options in the new economy. 

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