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Code of Conduct

The City’s Code of Conduct is a valuable reference resource for all City employees. It consists of nine corporate policies, each designed to steer employee behaviour in the right direction. At times, the difference between right and wrong can appear subjective. The Code is always there to help employees make the right choice.
The Code of Conduct supports a strong culture of respectful, ethical and safe behaviour in the workplace. It helps ensure that what we say, what we do, and how we act is always in the best interest of the public and our colleagues.
Whenever right and wrong is not black and white, we encourage employees to check the Code.
The nine policies that support The City of Calgary’s Code of Conduct are:

Workplace Violence Policy: This policy became part of the Code of Conduct in June 2014 to help The City of Calgary adopt a proactive approach to violence prevention in the workplace, and outline the expectations of employees at all levels in reporting and responding to violent incidents. 

Acceptable Use of City Technology Policy: City employees and other designated users have access to technology resources in order to perform their work effectively. This policy is designed to ensure responsible use of taxpayer dollars, and to protect The Corporation’s reputation.
Conflict of Interest Policy: This policy protects the interests and reputation of The City of Calgary and its employees. It provides rules, guiding principles, information and examples of various types of conflicts of interest. It sets a standard by which questions of conflict of interest may be identified.
Environmental Policy: This policy provides employees with clear direction on expectations related to adhering to environmental legislation, requirements, objectives and targets in their daily activities.
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP): The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act balances the public’s right to know with an individual’s right to privacy. The City of Calgary must collect, use and disclose personal information in accordance with the rules established in the Act.  All recorded information is subject to The Act. 
Social Media, Media Relations and Public Statements Policy: This policy helps protect The City’s collective brand and reputation. It provides employees with information about designated spokespeople, interacting with the media, making public statements or using social media for work or personal use. 
Respectful Workplace Policy: The City fosters a vibrant, healthy, safe and caring work environment for its employees. This policy outlines the expectations of all parties when dealing with disrespectful, harassing or discriminatory conduct. 
Substance Use Policy: This policy consists of guidelines and responsibilities that outline appropriate and inappropriate use of alcohol and/or drugs. Its focus is to ensure a safe workplace and to provide employees with a substance use problem the opportunity to get well. 
Occupational Health & Safety Policy: This policy focuses on continuous improvement of The City’s health and safety performance and management systems. Because safety is a shared responsibility, the policy requires active leadership by management and the participation of all employees.