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What is an operating budget at The City?


What is an operating budget at The City?

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Operating is a budget approved yearly by Council that includes revenues, recoveries and expenditures relating to ongoing, ANNUAL operations.

Revenues and recoveries may include:

  • property tax (residential and non-residential)
  • sales of goods and services
  • licences, permits, fines
  • franchise fees and dividends
  • business tax
  • grants and subsidies

Expenditures may include:

  • salaries, wages, benefits,
  • day to day programs, maintenance and services
  • administration costs (e.g. insurance)
  • fuel
  • utilities
  • capital financing costs
  • in other words, all the necessary expenditures to ensure The City can provide the DAILY services you expect and need.

The Alberta Municipal Government Act (MGA), through which The City is governed, requires Council to adopt a balanced operating budget. So, The City's

Net operating budget = budgeted expenditures - recoveries and revenues.

The City’s total net operating budget is zero

This means The City does not budget a surplus (we do not aim to make a profit) or a deficit (we do not aim to lose money). This is because we ensure that you, our citizens, have the services you want and need within our budgeted spending limits.

Funding the 2015 Operating Budget

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