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Tax shift

On April 8, Council approved the 2019 Property Tax Rates.

For residential homeowners, Council approved a combined (municipal and provincial) 2019 property tax rate increase of 3.45 per cent. For the median residential property owner with a home valued at $475,000 this will mean an annual increase of $105 on the total tax bill.

To help non-residential property owners, Council approved a combined decrease of 3.07 per cent in the non-residential combined tax rate in 2019. Tax impacts on individual properties will vary depending on the specific assessment change from 2018 to 2019. This does not include the impacts of the Business Tax Consolidation (BTC). The BTC will increase non-residential property taxes, while decreasing business taxes by an equal amount.

This was the result of much debate. To help provide context to the situation, The City prepared background information and analysis to set the stage for Council’s discussion on the Tax Shift and decisions.


  • The Past - an overview of the history of the problem including information on key influencing factors (economy, business support and the assessment shift).
  • The Present - an overview on the assessment shift (2015 to 2018) and comparisons of municipal commercial and residential property tax.
  • The Future​ - an overview of solutions to the problem.