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Heather Reed-Fenske

Director/Chief Information Technology Officer

Areas of focus: As the Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO), Heather’s role is to enable City business units to use technology to deliver services to citizens. The CITO oversees the investment, delivery and sustainment of The City’s technology infrastructure and leads planning for the development and growth of City business applications and communication systems.

Career history: Heather has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Waterloo. She started her career at The City in 1990 with Calgary Parks & Recreation engaging with various community association boards. She later joined Human Resources where she led numerous business improvement initiatives.  In 2002, Heather was asked to develop the Business Process Management internal consulting service for The City and that became her entry into the world of Information Technology at The City.  Heather has led major corporate programs including corporate-wide system and process redesign work, as well as leading The City’s 2009-2011 Business Plan and Budget Program. She has held numerous management positions in Information Technology including the development of the IT Project Management Office, Relationship Management, and The City’s eGovernment Strategy. Before stepping into the CITO role, Heather managed the Innovation & Collaboration division where she led critical projects, improving The City’s communication and technical infrastructure. 

Leadership philosophy: Heather believes in supporting her teams to be solution-focused in their service to the many business units Information Technology serves every day.   Her number one priority is to cultivate Information Technology’s leaders and staff to deliver business results to The City. Heather lives by the credo that “every conversation counts”. She believes this is especially important when engaging with City staff about their contributions to making Calgary a great place to live, and for creating a culture of pride within The City.