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Stuart Dalgleish

Title: General Manager, Planning & Development and Acting General Manager, Urban Strategy

Areas of focus: As General Manager of Planning & Development at The City of Calgary, Stuart oversees more than 500 employees across four business units – including Calgary Growth Strategies, Calgary Approvals Coordination, Community Planning, and Calgary Building Services. Indirectly, he is responsible for the hundreds of additional employees from across the Corporation that make up the Corporate Approvals team. Planning and enabling the ongoing growth and building of a great Calgary, in both developing and re-developing areas, is the Planning & Development’s focus.  Among Stuart’s leadership approaches to achieve this include taking an outcome and results-based approach, focusing on excellence in service delivery and accountability, and working collaboratively with community representatives and the development industry. 

Career History: Stuart first joined The City in 1988 as an intern, and has held a number of roles over the years including; Assessment Director and City Assessor, Director of Development & Building Approvals, General Manager of Community Services and, in 2016, he became General Manager of Planning & Development.

In addition to his current role as General Manager, Stuart is the Corporate Sponsor leading the efforts of “One Calgary” – The City’s 2019-2022 service plans and budgets, changing how we plan and budget from an organization-based to a service-based view. This role is well suited to Stuart, given his experience leading public service functions with a view to improving service delivery, seeking efficiencies, and establishing a “citizen, customer, community and business first” approach. 

Stuart holds a finance-based Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, and an Advanced Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration. He is also a Certified Professional Accountant and an Accredited Assessor with the Alberta Assessors’ Association and the International Association of Assessing Officers.

Leadership philosophy: Stuart believes an effective workplace culture is built on a foundation of accountability, courage and measured risk. He provides clear vision and direction, coupled with business methodologies that chart a course and measure progress, and promotes the view that municipal government outcomes are always better when city teams work together toward shared goals. Stuart takes great pride in being a public servant, and the opportunity it gives him to work with the many individuals and businesses contributing to Calgary’s continued growth and prosperity.