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Action Plan - Overview and Department Plans & Budgets

Action Plan has three main categories. Explore them and learn what investments and services The City will provide during 2015-2018.

Action Plan Overview – a high level summary of Action Plan inputs and citizen engagement, along with The City’s financial overview and a four-year plan for Calgary.

Business Plans & Budgets – detailed department and business unit business plans and budgets, along with performance measures and benchmarks to demonstrate The City’s accountability to citizens and Council.

Supplemental Information – detailed financial information in the Supplemental Information document.

The approved Action Plan allows The City to maintain most of its services, with some enhancements and new investments, along with a continued corporate-wide movement toward achieving our City’s long-term goals, as outlined in by Council in its 2015-2018 Priorities. In addition to $50 million in efficiencies found by City Administration as part of the proposed Action Plan, Council made several key changes or amendments during deliberations which include:

  • Calgary Transit Low Income Transit Pass: user rates frozen for 2015.
  • Snow and Ice Control enhancements of $5 million each in 2015 and 2016 from the fiscal Stability Reserve.
  • City-Wide Active Modes Program within Transportation was reduced by $2 million from the capital budget.
  • Environmental & Safety Management: $1.2 million capital budget reduction over four years in Technology and a $438 thousand capital budget reduction over four years for Environmental Programs.
  • One-time funding for River flood mitigation and to establish corporate resiliency of $800 thousand in 2015 and $750 thousand in 2016, along with an operating increase of $1.1 million.
  • Elimination of two capital projects from Information Technology: the Mobile Application Framework and Application Information Platforms reducing the capital budget by $5.5 million, and $897 thousand in associated operating costs.
  • Approval of one-time funding of $35 million for Tree Disaster Recover from The City's Fiscal Stability Reserve, along with operating and capital budget reallocations of $118.
  • Several amendments to improve Business Unit performance measures, such as Calgarians' satisfaction with drinking water (ranging from 93% to 94% over four years) and UEP employees knowing what is expected of them in providing excellent customer service (80% over four years).